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My wife (Lynnetta) and myself on our College Graduation Day 
(May 12, 2001)
New Mexico State University

I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Business Computer Systems, and my wife graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.  

I was employed by Dona Ana County as their Database Administrator

Lynnetta is employed by Diersen Charities, Inc. (Federal Halfway House) as a Case Manager

I have a speech impediment otherwise known as "stuttering" for those of you who don't know me.  Thanks to  wonderful student Speech Language Pathologists at NMSU and the wonderful people on a stuttering listserv, I have found some web sites that allow "People Who Stutter" to interact with each other and encourages them to seek professional assistance in improving their "fluency".  My therapist and the listserv has helped me get to where I no longer feel "embarrassed" about my "lack of speech".   They are why I'm telling you about my speech problem.

  You can find the links to these sites in the Favorite Links section.  If you want to join the listserv because you either stutter, are a SLP or want to know more about it because of a family member/friend, send me an email and I will send you instructions on how to join.

For those of you out there in Cyber Land that experience migraine headaches, I have included links for those in the Favorite Links section.  I have found that any help in treating migraines is time well spent.  But they do reduce my stuttering when I have a migraine going.

You can click on the links to the left and visit some of my favorite links.

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